Dr. Blake L. Matthews

Dr. Blake L. Matthews DDS is a dentist in Utah who specializes in general dentistry and practices in Provo, UT. He along with his father Gary and brothers Corbin and Jeremy practice out the the Matthews Dental Group office located about two miles north of the mouth of Provo canyon on University Avenue.

Matthews Dental Group
3610 North University Avenue Suite 200

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2 Responses to Dr. Blake L. Matthews

  1. Joel says:

    Dr. Blake Matthews is the WORST dentist ever! I went to him for five years because that is where my family had our dental work done.

    I went on an LDS Mission and before I came home, had a check up by one of the dentists in the ward I was serving in. The dentist gave me a clean bill of “dental health” and I came home two weeks later.

    When I returned home, my mother made me go in for a check up, just to make sure the dentist didn’t look anything over and Blake said I had five cavities that needed to be fixed right away.

    Of course, I wanted another opinion, so I visited a dentist by the name of Burt Clark and he told me that I had no cavities.

    So long story short, don’t go to Blake Matthews! He will tell you that you have cavities when you really don’t just so he can make a few grand.

  2. Emily says:

    I have been traveling from Boise, ID to Salt Lake to go to the dentist. My last dentist told me I needed 2 crowns and that I had gum disease. I went to Dr. Blake Matthews for a second opinion. He was very kind and thorough. He explained the treatment needed and reviewed the xrays with me. Rather than pay $2000 for crowns, I only needed one filling. Also, his hygienist evaluated for gum diesase. She was very thorough and gentle. She told me I didn’t have gum disease and the root planing wasn’t necessary. Now rather than going to SLC, I go To Blake Matthews in Provo because my teeth are important to me and he is the best, most conservative dentist I have ever been to.

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