Dr. Brian E. Isaacson

Dr. Brian E. Isaacson DDM is a Utah dentist who practices general dentistry in Cedar Hills, UT. He practices out the the Cedar Hills Family Dentistry office located just South East of the new Wal-mart Super Center.

Cedar Hills Family Dentistry
4565 W. Cedar Hills Drive
Cedar Hills

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One Response to Dr. Brian E. Isaacson

  1. Steve says:

    Dr. Brian Isaacson is a pretty good dentist. He is fair and honest. He is a bit nerdy with his braces, but I can look past that for someone who is skilled in the trade.

    One of his greatest selling points is that he is very conservative. If he sees a cavity, he will let you know how bad it is. If he believes it can wait and he can “watch it”, he will often times not opt to fix it until it worsens. You can tell this man is in business for his customers and not to make millions of dollars like other snakes out there.

    I highly recommend this dentist to anyone in the area!

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